Entry: Masked Rider Kabuto madness Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Sepatutnya last week aku nak update something. Especially on how to install radioblog on your blogdrive account. But I'm too occupied with other things such as my new computer. Yes, MY NEW COMPUTER. Eheh. Well technically it's not mine. It's my sister's. My PC are so lame now so she given me a solution, by buying us a new PC. Muahahahaha.

Now both of us has been struck by Masked Rider Kabuto madness.  This is a very dangerous kind of sickness. Both of us has the symptoms and are terribly affacted by it.

Some of the symptoms are :-

1.> Keep looking for latest  Masked Rider Kabuto DVD and VCD

2.>Surfing webs for latest Masked Rider Kabuto spoilers, info and downloads.

3.>First time ever shopping online for Masked Rider Kabuto's soundtrack.

4.>Established ourself as online pirate, downloading Masked Rider Kabuto Motion Picture [God Speed Love] using torrent.. ah.. what a satisfaying feeling.

5.>Watching J-Dorama and hunting for the main characters of Masked Rider Kabuto apprearances whether as main or as supporting actor. Right now Mizushima Hiro ( Masked Rider Kabuto, Masked Rider Hyper Kabuto, Masked Rider Dark Kabuto) , apprearing in [ Gokusen 2 ] as the one who always wearing green T-Shirt and [ Brother Beat ] as second son's best friend , a fellow swimming instructor. He too skinny lah in this Dorama. And for Yuki Sato ( Masked Rider Gatack ) , he also appearing along side with Mizushima Hiro in [ Gokusen 2 ], also as supporting actor. And in [ A Litre of Tears ] as the main character's brother.

6.>Writing blogs about Masked Rider Kabuto. LOL. I'm also planning to make a design templete for Masked Rider Kabuto.

Right now I have watched up to episodes 36 ( DVD and VCD ) and have watched episode 37, 38, 39, 40, 41 which are viewed at YouTube and downloaded from Torrent. I also has watched the Hyper Battle Video, a 15 mins special feature of Hyper Kabuto and Hyper Gatack.

Ah, December is around the corner. Have you all register your prepaid service yet? Everyone is looking forward for next month. Alah, you know, bonus time. Eheh. Oh yeah, it remind me that I've been to long surfing the web. GTG. Bye.



November 30, 2006   12:25 PM PST
More info of Yuki Sato (Gatack):
In Water Boys Finale as a typical kampung/island boy (nama pun aku tak tau! dasar supporting actor)

According to his official website, mula dari bulan 6, 2006 dia banyak jadi cover magazine dan tawaran untuk iklan (CM) TV (he start his carrier as a model). And as 2007, his schedule already full.

Gaining popularity.... impact from Kamen Rider Kabuto? I think so...

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