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My Precious, Young Ae

My precious,
As the moon and the stars were meant for each others,
Like the wind and the clouds over the wide blue sky,
That’s how I dreamt of how we could be,
the dream that I wished I would never have awaken.
Every time I looked at you,
I have fallen to the endless pit of love.
Every moment I think of you
Oh, I hope I would be the one
to cherish you for the lifetime.

Thousand years would never have enough to love you,
Like the wave upon the white sand beach
is how my heart ache to be with you.
Looking at you was like looking at the mirror
how close it was to reality
but then how far for me to reach
Your heart so precious,
as a rarest gem in this world.
Your gracefulness has taken my soul,
Your softness has melt my very being,
Oh how I have longed for you,
My precious..

(on the rooftop, drinking coffee, eating wind,dreaming away..)
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Monday, March 26, 2007
Cara2 nak letak radio blog dlm blogdrive.

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Allo sumer.. akhirnya aku taip gak cara-cara nak letak radio blog dalam blogdrive nih. Sila baca pelan-pelan supaya bleh paham. ngahahaha..

1. Memula sekali korang download dulu fail Radio Blog 3.0 dan unzip lah kat folder yang korang nak. Aku cadangkan buat satu folder baru kat desktop.. senang nanti tak tercarik carik..

2. Peratikan dalam fail yang korang dah download dan unzip tuh ada 2 folder. Satu namanya creat.sound dan satu lagi sounds. Korang masuk folder creat.sound dan korang copy&paste sumer mp3 yang korang nak untuk radioblog korang dalam sini.. Alah letak jer mana-mana. 

3. Korang pakai OS apa? Windows XP ke atau sebelumnya? Kalau bukan windows XP korang double click kat convert32.bat (untuk kualiti rendah) atau convert64.bat (untuk kualiti best). Kalau korang pakai XP.. double click convert64_xp.bat. Nanti akan keluar satu kotak warna hitam dan proses sumer MP3 korang yang dalam fail nih. Biarkan sumer proses tuh.. amik masa skit. korang pi lah makan ker.. buang air ker.. jemur kain ke.. sapu sampah ke..  biler dah siap nanti dia akan tutup sendiri. Bila dia dah tutup sendiri, korang double click folder sounds dalam folder yang sama dan korang akan jumpa sumer mp3 korang tadi dah ditukarkan ke format rbs dan saiz failnya lebih kecik.

4. Masuk internet dan korang daftarlah ke mana-mana online server yang korang nak. Aku daftar kat FileDen.Com ngan FreeWebTown.Com.

5. Lepas daftar tuh.. korang buat satu folder baru dalam main folder (cth : Sounds ke.. Lagu ke.. terpulang ler ikut citarasa korang..) dan korang upload sumer fail-fail rbs tuh dalam folder nih.

6. Korang bukak korang nyer notepad.. lepas tuh korang copy&paste code dibawah

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<playlist title="Main Playlist">
<track trackMod="1089216396" title="SONG NAME" path="SONG LINK"/>
<track trackMod="1089216396" title="SONG NAME" path="SONG LINK"/>
<track trackMod="1089216396" title="SONG NAME" path="SONG LINK"/>

7.  Nampak tak setiap barisan :-

<track trackMod="1089216396" title="SONG NAME" path="SONG LINK"/>

Tukarkan SONG NAME kepada nama lagu korang.. dan SONG LINK dengan pautan lagu korang yang kat server tuh. Pastikan pautan korang tuh adalah pautan alamat web lengkap. Korang boleh buat berapa banyak barisan tuh ikut berapa banyak fail rbs korang. Contohnya :

<track trackMod="1089216396" tittle="Tragedi Oktober" path=" oktober.rbs"/>

Rajin-rajin ler korang menaipnya. Kalau dah siap korang save dan namakan dengan nama playlist.xml. Aku cadangkan korang save jer fail nih kat desktop.. senang korang nak carik.

8. Okey, ada dua fail kena upload ke server korang tadi kali nih. Pertama adalah fail playlist.xml yang korang buat tadi.. satu lagi adalah fail crossdomain.xml yang korang bleh jumpa dalam folder sounds. Cuba semak point 2 diatas... dalam folder tuh ada gak 2 folder playlist 1 dan playlist 2 ( jangan pedulik ) dan 3 fail iaitu config.php , crossdomain.xml dan playlist.php. Tolong upload crossdomail.xml jer.. yang lain tuh buat tak tau.

9. perhati code dibawah :-

<embed title="null" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="" allowscriptaccess="always" bgcolor="#ECECEC" id="radioblog_player_1" flashvars="id=1&amp;status=maximize&amp;playlistPath= saya/playlist.xml&amp;tracknum=1&amp;colors=body:#ECECEC; border:#BBBBBB;button:#999999;player_text:#666666; playlist_text:#666666;new_tracks:#000000;" height="350" width="280">

Masuk korang punya akaun blogdrive dan buka MAIN TEMPLETE EDIT di bahagian layout & Design dan copy&paste code diatas ke mana-mana bahagian dalam layout korang.. Kemudian sila tukarkan pautan yang bertulisan tebal(bold) berwarna biru tuh ke pautan playlist.xml korang di server korang tuh. Yang berwarna purple tuh plak korang bleh tukar nombor 1 ke apa-apa nombor(bilangan fail rbs korang) supaya nanti dia akan main sendiri lagu tuh otomatik. Dah siap? Save dan check korang nyer blogdrive. Selamat mencuba.

Before I forgot, thank you very much to Hannaxbear, pldilley and RadioBlogClub for their wonderful tutorial.

Si Pelarian swinging his LightSaber on 05:24 pm
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Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Ken Hirai - Elegy

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Sekarang nih Astro (Ass-Throw) ada new channel iaitu Animax. Channel yang khas untuk anime lovers cam aku walaupun bukan sumer anime yang tersiar aku suker. Tapi yang pasti mulai 9 March 2007 Channel Animax mula tayangkan Music Station, iaitu music show dimana artis-artis Jepun akan perform secara live.

Pada minggu lalu 16 March 2007, aku tengok Ken Hirai punya persembahan di Music Station. Dia menyanyikan lagu terbarunya iaitu Elegy. Aku sebenarnya tak minat dengan Ken Hirai, tapi lagi nih amat menarik bagi aku. Press Play untuk dengar lagu Elegy by Ken Hirai.

Dari perbualan Ken Hirai dengan 2 orang hos Music Station, dia mengatakan yang lagu nih merupakan lagu yang dinyanyikan dari pandangan seorang wanita. Masa dia perform, ada subtittle kat bawah jadi aku boleh faham apa yang terkandung dalam lyric Elegy nih. Bagi aku biasa je.. Baik laki ke, pompuan ke.. bleh per nyanyi lagu nih.. Eheh.. entahlah... cuma opinion aku jer. Kat bawah nih adalah lyricnya yang berjaya aku cilok dari site nih.


Shigami tsuita senaka ni
Sotto tsume wo tatete
Watashi wo kizami konda
Motto yumi no naka he
Hira hira maichiru hanabira ga hitotsu
Yura yura samayoi yukiba wo nakushita
Sono te de sono te de watashi wo yogoshite
Nandomo nandomo watashi wo kowashite
Asebamu samishisa wo kasaneawase
Mabushikute mienai yami ni ochiteku
Itsuka horobiru ku kono karada naraba
Mushibamaretai anata no ai de

Kono yamai ni namae ga
Areba raku ni nareru
Hamidasu koto ga kowai
Douka mure no naka he
Hira hira maichiru hanabira ga hitotsu
Yura yura samayoi anata wo mitsuketa
kono te de kono te de anata wo yogoshite
Nando mo nandomo anata ni oborete
Senaka awaseno fuan to yorokobi
Nami uchi nagara watashi wo tsukisasu
Itsuka kieteyuku kono omoi naraba
Ima hikisaite anata no ai de

Sono te de sono te de watashi wo yogoshite
Nandomo nandomo watashi wo kowashite
Asebamu samishisa wo kasaneawase
Mabushikute mienai yami ni ochiteku
Itsuka horobiruku kono karada naraba
Mushibamaretai anata no ai de

watashi wo... yogoshite...
Sono te de... sono te de...



As I clung to you, you dug your nails into my back
And carved me, taking me deeper into a dream

One of the fluttering, scattering flower petals
Wavers, wanders, it‘¦s lost its place

Dirty me with your hands, with your hands
Break me again and again, again and again
We put our two sweaty lonelinesses together
And fall into a bright, invisible darkness
If my body‘¦s going to die one day
Then I want it to rot from your love

I‘¦d feel better if this sickness had a name
I‘¦m afraid to stick out, I move into the crowd somehow
One of the fluttering, scattering flower petals
Wavers, wanders, I‘¦ve found you

I‘¦ll dirty you with my hands, with my hands
And drown in you again and again, again and again
Our two backs together gives me anxiety and happiness
That comes in waves, penetrating me
If this love‘¦s going to die someday
Tear me apart now with your love

Dirty me with your hands, with your hands
Break me again and again, again and again
We put our two sweaty lonelinesses together
And fall into a bright, invisible darkness
If my body‘¦s going to die one day
Then I want it to rot from your love
With your hands, dirty me, dirty me

Ehehe.. entah naper aku nyer blog tetiber tukar jadik music blog plak. Alah sementara jer.. sementara aku nyer lagu dalam radio blog tuh upload. Sebab aku tak rajin nak masuk host server aku maka sumer files telah dipadamkan oleh server tuh. Jahanam sungguh. Tapi takper.. aku ingat nak try upload kat server lain plak. Tapi tunggu komputer aku sihat dulu. Ehehe...

Si Pelarian swinging his LightSaber on 11:10 am
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Monday, March 19, 2007
Mari update blog

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Marah tol aku dengan diri aku sendirik.. Tadi aku baru jer lepas taip berjela-jela dalam blog aku.. termasuk mengutuk bebudak AF5. Alih-alih aku tersalah tekan BACK dan sekarang aku kena taip lagi sekali plak.. bangang sungguh aku. Eheheh.

Aku sekarang nih tengah sibuk download manga H2.. lepas nih nak carik plak manhwa Goong. Manhwa tuh adalah komik korea. Dan Goong plak adalah tajuk manhwa tuh. Goong adalah nama sebenar untuk Princess Hour. Ye sedara sedari.. Princess Hour yang ditayangkan kat TV sekarang nih sebenarnya berasal dari manhwa.

Dah hampir setahun DVD Nana ada kat rumah aku.. tapi cuma baru-baru nih jer aku dapat tengok. Best gak ler lagu lagu nya. Sekarang nih aku tengah dengar dari Radio Blog Club lagu Endless Story by Reira starring Yuna Ito. Try click play di bawah untuk dengar lagunya. Best tau.. menjilat jari.. ehehehe

Lagu ni lagu Trapnest masa kedua-dua Nana pergi konsert Trapnest. Tengah2 lagu both Nana cried.. Nana ( Mika Nakashima ) cried maybe because the song (i think) remind her of Ren and Ren's feeling towards her. And Nana aka Hachi (starred by Miyazaki Aoi) cried maybe because she was moved by the affection shown by Nana and maybe because of the song.

Lyrics: D.A.THOMAS
Romaji & English translation by: cori

From the single, ENDLESS STORY

If you haven't changed your mind
soba ni ite hoshii yo  Tonight
If you haven't changed your mind
  I want you to be by my side  Tonight

tsuyogaru koto ni tsukareta no
osanasugita no  Everytime I think about you baby
ima nara ieru  I miss you
It is hard to say I'm sorry
I was tired of acting strong
  I was too young  Everytime I think about you baby
  Now I can tell you that  I miss you
  It is hard to say I'm sorry

* tatoeba  dareka no tame ja naku  anata no tame ni
utaitai  kono uta wo
owaranai  story  tsudzuku kono kagayaki ni
Always  tsutaetai  zutto eien ni
For instance, I want to sing this song
  not for someone else, but for you
  The endless story continues into this radiance
  I always want to tell you always, forever

Memories of our time together
kesanaide  kono mama  don't go away
Memories of our time together
  don't disappear, they stay like this, they don't go away

atatakaku tokedashite  tashikameru no
yasashisa no shizuku  kono mune ni hirogatteku
setsunai hodo ni  I'm missin' you
kasaneta te  hanasanaide
Beginning to melt warmly & make certain,
  the drops of kindness spread on my chest
  I'm missin' you so much that I'm sad
  Don't let go of my hand upon yours

tatoeba  kanau nara  mou ichido anata no tame ni
utaitai  kono uta wo
owaranai  story  taema nai itoshisa de
tell me why  oshiete yo  zutto eien ni
For instance, if the wish comes true,
  I want to sing this song for you again
  The endless story with an endless love
  tell me why  tell me  always & forever

* repeat

Aku dapat tawaran untuk pergi kursus Keusahawanan yang dianjurkan oleh Mara. Kursus selama seminggu yang diadakan di Hotel Seri Malaysia, Bagan Lallang, Sepang dengan yuran cuma RM150.00 termasuk makan minum. Murah kan? Tapi bleh pergi ke? Adusss...

Si Pelarian swinging his LightSaber on 10:59 am
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Thursday, March 08, 2007
Entri yang julung julung kalinya, eheh

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Ahhh.. berapa lama daa wa tak update ini blog. Rasa berbulan gak ler wa tak jenguk mahligai mewah wa ni.. naik berabuk dah. Lantak pi la.. bukannya ada orang datang, ye tak?

Ahhh... aku demam lagi. Kali ni demam Princess Hours plak. Sekarang nih sambil menaip sambil baca komik (manhwa as they call it in Korean) Princess Hours. Eheh.. dari ada satu laman web tuh ler..  Aku dah ada DVD Princess Hours, so takyah tunggu 8TV punya lagi. Lagi pun tengok kat TV nih boring.. dah ler iklan banyak, dubbing plak tuh. Hilang mood aku.

Yoon Eun Hye so cute. Walaupun not as beautiful and elegent and perfect and enchanting as Lee Young Ae.. tapi she still make me dreaming of her. Unlike Lee Young Ae, i completely loss my sleeps because everytime I shut my eyes, her face would appear.  After a year since Jewel In The Palace, i finally get over Lee Young Ae. But I still in love with her. Hmmm.. teruk betul aku nih.

Kamen Rider Kabuto pun aku dah tamat tengok penghabisannya. Aku cuma rasa kecewa yang they seems rushing to end Kamen Rider Kabuto. Aku rasa Kamen Rider Kabuto masih boleh diteruskan jalan ceritanya.. at least a few more episodes and more solid ending.

J-Dorama Oshin muncul kembali di TV9. Wah.. really bring me back to memory lane. Cerita Jepun pertama dalam hidup aku.. selain dari Ultraman lah. Eheh. Masa aku kecik kecik dulu lah cerita nih kuar.. tapi sekarang bila tengok balik cerita nih, terasa cam sial jer tukang alih bahasanya. Tah hapa-hapa, tak pro langsung. Macam membaca pun ada... macam kayu pun ada.. cam mangkuk hayun pun ada. chet.. merosakkan mutu Oshin jer.

oi Umi chan... ada baik ka? Buat apa tuh.. sajer jenjalan carik makan ker? Kat ner sekarang..? Still kat oyak ker? Ekekekeke... semoga bahagia ler hendaknya.

Ah, last monday Indon ada gempa bumi lagi kan? Aku masa tuh tengah melepak kat umah tengok TV.. ye, tengah hari. Apa lagi.. cuti lah beb. Tengah sebok nengok TV, tetiba jer rasa tanah bergoyang. Lama gak.. dalam 2-3 minit dan repeated few times.. bergoyang in rounded motion, horizontally. Aku tak tahu ler camner rasa kat actual place... gegar camner tak dapat terbayang.. aku memula tuh masa goyang memula ingatkan lori hantu tengah merempit, tapi tak dengar plak bunyik sore serak2 basah lori hantu tuh memekik.. aku try tukar channel pi tengok berita.. tapi TV tempatan sebok dengan program biasak diorang. terlupa nak bukak CNN. Tapi aku pasti mesti indon gegar lagi punya lah. Biasalah.. Indon kan kuat goyang gerudi.. goyang punya goyang, bumi pun ikut goyang skali lah.. Har har har.


Hehehe.. giler jap. Alah cam tak biasa. Aku suka tengok effect terbang Nathan Petrelli. Pergh.. hebat. Dan the way dia landing, ekekek.. awesome. Watak heroes dalam ceriter heroes nih membuatkan aku membuat perbandingan dengan superheroes yang aku tahu. Nathan is more like X-Man Cannonball..Tak macam superman yang terbang seperti melawan graviti, Nathan launched to air like a cannonball. Adik dia, Peter Petrelli plak macam X-Maen's Rogue. Cuma bezanya he doesn't have to touch others to use their powers. Yang kelakarnya.. dari awal cerita nih, mamat nih mati mati ingat dia nyer power adalah terbang. Aku teringat power dia cam Rogue bila ada satu episode tuh dia sambung Isaac's pre-cog painting dan lukis gambar Claire Bennet ( punya Wolverine's healing factor) mati. Watak Niki plak.. aku tak pasti.. tapi macam Hulk? Split personallity? Heh. D.L pulak cam X-Men's Shadowcat.. Kitty something.. hehehe lupa nama minah tuh. Matt Parkman plak adalah telepath.. macam Prof. X dan Jean Grey lah..

Yang syok nyer tengok citer nih dari tengok citer Mutant X, heroes seperti watak superheroes dalam komik Marvel. Walaupun mereka superheroes, they are still human.. ah.. macam mana aku nak terangkan ye? Mutant X plak bagi aku bosan. Bila pertama kali aku tengok Mutant X.. aku teringat Misfit Of Science.. citer lama lah nih.. tapi bagi aku Misfit Of Science lagi best.

Heheh.. dah lama tak membebel nih.. sedar sedar dah panjang jer entri aku. Aku nak citer pasal pengalaman aku men Splinter Cell Double Agent.. Tapi nanti lah.. dah lewat nih.. aku nak sambung baca komik Princess Hours lagi. Muahahaha.. It's good to be back.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006
Masked Rider Kabuto madness

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Sepatutnya last week aku nak update something. Especially on how to install radioblog on your blogdrive account. But I'm too occupied with other things such as my new computer. Yes, MY NEW COMPUTER. Eheh. Well technically it's not mine. It's my sister's. My PC are so lame now so she given me a solution, by buying us a new PC. Muahahahaha.

Now both of us has been struck by Masked Rider Kabuto madness.  This is a very dangerous kind of sickness. Both of us has the symptoms and are terribly affacted by it.

Some of the symptoms are :-

1.> Keep looking for latest  Masked Rider Kabuto DVD and VCD

2.>Surfing webs for latest Masked Rider Kabuto spoilers, info and downloads.

3.>First time ever shopping online for Masked Rider Kabuto's soundtrack.

4.>Established ourself as online pirate, downloading Masked Rider Kabuto Motion Picture [God Speed Love] using torrent.. ah.. what a satisfaying feeling.

5.>Watching J-Dorama and hunting for the main characters of Masked Rider Kabuto apprearances whether as main or as supporting actor. Right now Mizushima Hiro ( Masked Rider Kabuto, Masked Rider Hyper Kabuto, Masked Rider Dark Kabuto) , apprearing in [ Gokusen 2 ] as the one who always wearing green T-Shirt and [ Brother Beat ] as second son's best friend , a fellow swimming instructor. He too skinny lah in this Dorama. And for Yuki Sato ( Masked Rider Gatack ) , he also appearing along side with Mizushima Hiro in [ Gokusen 2 ], also as supporting actor. And in [ A Litre of Tears ] as the main character's brother.

6.>Writing blogs about Masked Rider Kabuto. LOL. I'm also planning to make a design templete for Masked Rider Kabuto.

Right now I have watched up to episodes 36 ( DVD and VCD ) and have watched episode 37, 38, 39, 40, 41 which are viewed at YouTube and downloaded from Torrent. I also has watched the Hyper Battle Video, a 15 mins special feature of Hyper Kabuto and Hyper Gatack.

Ah, December is around the corner. Have you all register your prepaid service yet? Everyone is looking forward for next month. Alah, you know, bonus time. Eheh. Oh yeah, it remind me that I've been to long surfing the web. GTG. Bye.


Si Pelarian swinging his LightSaber on 01:37 pm
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Friday, November 17, 2006
Come and check out my radioblog

At last my radioblog as functional as I want it to be. Please be reminded that all songs I have purchased it legally and I put it here as listening pleasure. From what I know using the flash player there is no way anybody could download any of my song.

Maybe next week I will write how to install ur own radioblog on blogdrive.

Si Pelarian swinging his LightSaber on 05:17 pm
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Thursday, November 16, 2006


Har Har Har.. aku berjaya gak untuk letak radioblog dalam blog aku nih.. Sekarang nih aku dalam usaha nak menambah lagu2 dan playlist untuk aku punya listening pleasure.

Thank you for the sifus at radioblog forum who are working hard just to let newbies like me to understand and successfully install our radioblog on our pages. Kudos.

Si Pelarian swinging his LightSaber on 01:36 pm
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Tuesday, November 14, 2006
Kamen Rider Kabuto

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Hari ni aku curik tulang nak meng'ejas'kan aku nyer blog. Ala yang korang tengah baca nih. Aku nak letak radio blog dimana korang terutamanya aku lah.. mendengar lagu2 yang aku minat. Apa korang minat aku tak fhedulik.. tapi kalau ada request dan kebetulan aku pun minat sama.. akan aku pertimbang-timbangkan.

Adik aku pun dah tergila dengan Masked Rider Kabuto. heh.. hebat betul aku nih mempengaruhi orang ye? Maybe aku patut tukar kerjaya aku ke Sales plak aa.. mana tau berjaya dengan cemerlang plak ke.. Hehehe..

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Friday, November 03, 2006
My Hero My Boss - Japanese Drama


Intro kuwang Hajor aku.. Assalamualaikum wbt untuk pengunjung tetap dan yang tak tetap.

Aku baru jer habis tengok drama Jepun bertajuk My Hero My Boss. Citer nih diangkat dari filem Korea dari tajuk yang sama. Drama nih dibintangi oleh

 Nagase Tomoya sebagai Sakaki Makio,

 Tegushi Yuya sebagai Sakurakauji Jun,

 Aragaki Yui sebagai Umemura Hikari, dan

 Kashii Yuu sebagai Minami Yuriko, cikgu kelas Sakaki Makio.

Gambar2 diatas antara intro drama nih.

adegan dimana Makio try untuk elakkan dirinya ditanya soalan oleh cikgu yang mengajar dengan membuat muka garang. Eheh.

Drama nih aku rekemen kat sumer orang... best ooo.. ekekek.. <-- gile


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Tuesday, October 31, 2006
Kamen Rider Kabuto


Assalamualaikum wbt.

Lama cuti.. yey... Sejak menjak kaki aku berbalut akibat ligament koyak (pergh.. injured cam sportman lah), aku banyak lepak-lepak kat umah sampai la nih nak balik keje punya lah malas. Sepanjang-panjang masa injury..aku abiskan masa aku dengan tengok DVD2 aku termasuklah mother of all korean drama iaitu Dae Jang Geum (sekali lagi??? )

Aku ada pertanyaan untuk korang yang selalu pegi S&M untuk beli drama korean/jepun. Skang nih S&M dah takder lagi kedai2 jual drama Korea/Jepun korang pergi mana huh nak beli bender nih sumer?

Hari tuh aku turun ke Low Yat Plaza untuk cari anime ngan citer Jepun&Korean sebab frust dengan S&M. Akhirnya aku berjaya dapat tahu camner nak dapatkan citer Korea dengan harga teramat murah. Ini bukan pirate punya CD ye.. Ini original (mungkin imported) DVD 9 punya boxset. Jewel In The Palace complete set aku beli dulu campur campur skali budget around RM300++ tapi DVD 9 nih cuma RM80 jerk. 4 DVD 9. Fuh.. aku rasa nyesal plak beli DVD set aku dulu. heh. Tapi takper.. sebab aku beli Winter Sonata dengan harga RM40 jer.... Aku rasa lagi bagus beli DVD 9 dari beli VCD set.. pertama sebab rege mahal nak mampus (RM150++) dan kedua kualiti gambar untuk VCD tak berapa best.

Aku sekarang nih tengah demam Masked Rider. Heh.. Lepas aku tengok Masked Rider Hibiki , aku sekarang nih tengah ikut plak citer Masked Rider Kabuto.

kabuto picture

Heronya bernama Sauji Tendau dilakunkan oleh Hiro Mizushima


Aku tak mo cakap banyak pasal Kabuto nih.. korang google sendirik lah ye pasal Masked Rider yang terbaru nih.. Aku rekemen giler citer nih.. Actually bagi aku this Kamen Rider better than Ryuki and Faiz.

Okey lah.. aku nak blah nih... Salam Bahagia dan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Dan Batin ( esok buat balik aaaa ). Okey lah.. Adios... Rider Kick !!!!!

Rider Kick

Si Pelarian swinging his LightSaber on 11:54 am
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